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What is the Beam Spot Washable Toilet System?

  • Monday, 25 May 2020
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What is the Beam Spot Washable Toilet System?

The Beam Spot Washable Toilet System has a unique design that is sure to impress! The distinct feature of this system is that it is installed in a vertical position, this makes it ideal for use with lower water temperatures and also the increased size of the flushable tank. If you don't want to wait for the tank to fill up with water before using the toilet, this is a great option for you. It is the perfect solution for a smaller bathroom with limited space.

The Beam Spot Washable Toilet System is designed to remove soap scum and also marks, by effectively cleaning them right at the source! Because of this, it can be used in bathrooms that have low water temperatures, or even places that have unfriendly conditions for your carpets. With this innovative product, you no longer have to clean up afterwards, since it removes the scum and marks as well as cleaning your home floor!

These products are made from soft natural fibers that enable it to clean much faster than most other products on the market. You can use the product on any bathroom surface or even furniture, just wipe the debris right off with the soft bristles. This wipes down not only the surface of the toilet, but also will remove stains that might be in the walls.

The Beam Spot Washable Toilet System is designed with a revolutionary feature that allows it to easily lift the top of the toilet, without you having to open the lid. The angle of the lift allows it to be able to lift the toilet seat up as well. This simple innovation ensures that there is less room for clutter and messes to form inside the toilet. All you have to do is press the power button on the side of the toilet unit and it lifts itself up from the bottom.

With the Beam Spot Washable Toilet System, there is also an air pump built in, which is a must for some people. You can control the speed of the pump by adjusting the control panel on the side of the toilet unit. This is convenient for those who do not want to spend time opening and closing the lid of the toilet. Because it is so easy to use, many people that have never installed a toilet before have already used it!

With the Beam Spot Washable Toilet System, you can even use it with electric toilets, if you need a more advanced cleaning option. There is also an on/off switch, which is included with the system. With the feature, it is really easy to turn the unit on or off, with just a single button push!

With the easy installation process, it is easy to install this system yourself. The system consists of an air pump, remote control button, self-closing valve, screwdriver, and a mounting bracket. Since it is also compact, you will even be able to install it in an existing toilet that is also being sold by Beam.

This product is priced reasonably, with a typical cost of about $70.00, but considering the amount of features it includes, it is well worth the price. You will also be saving money on the fuel for your electric unit as well, because the tank is larger than standard models.

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