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Precautions Of Customized Event Truss Structures

Precautions Of Customized Event Truss Structures

  • Monday, 26 April 2021
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Precautions Of Customized Event Truss Structures

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1.Choosing of tube type

according to the custom entertainment truss, trusses can be divided into square truss , triangular trusses, flat trusses, single tube, polygonal trusses, hollow trusses and truss bridges. according to the entertainment truss product type, it can be divided into fixed shape truss, folding truss and ball joint truss. customized event truss structures has the sturdy structure, anti rust and high repeat usability features. the only drawback is the high transportation cost. folding truss has low transportation cost and less repeat usage. the truss tube are divided into two types: square tube and round tube. the selection of a suitable tube should ensure the overall rigidity and stability of the customized event truss structures according to the actual construction stability and rigidity

2. Welding of the entertainment truss

remove the protruding part of the first layer before welding.

be careful not to touch the edge of the groove when welding the solder joints and other parts,use a large-diameter electrode with a moderate current for vertical welding, and use a larger current for flat welding. smaller current should be used when welding the surface layer. the fusion time should be prolonged at the edge of the groove, the fusion time should be shortened as much as possible to prevent welding interruption when replacing the electrode 

3.Hanging installation of custom entertainment truss

a safety alert zone should be establishing during the customized event truss structures hoisting process, it will cause safety accidents and affect the progress of the project if the operation is improper, . therefore, a guard zone should be set up within the scope of the lifting work area. guarding personnel should be configured to protect the working zone. 24-hour duty system should be established for the guarding project and unrelated personnel are prohibited from walking on site during the custom entertainment truss lifting process.

4.Check the custom entertainment truss actual force stability

entertainment truss is necessary when it comes to setting up a stage,even from small shopping malls to promotional performances to large concerts, customized aluminium lighting truss are used more and more widely in our life, and people pay more and more attention to the safety of customized aluminium lighting truss. can any truss be used as a customized aluminum stage truss? what requirements should the entertainment truss meet? the actual loading capacity of the custom entertainment truss is not as simple as we think. it is difficult to accurately analyze its actual force. however, based on the feedback of the actual work of the customized aluminum stage truss, the experimental data of the custom entertainment truss shows that larger size of truss segment, more loading capacity and stable.

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