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Modular Staging: What Is It?

  • Monday, 08 February 2021
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Modular Staging: What Is It?

Modular Stage systems (MSS) offer highly versatile, cost-efficient solutions for complex staging needs for any events.modular stage It is simple, quick and easy to set up, and can even be used as a portable stand alone, movable stage, or integrated into an existing modular stage system. These systems are very versatile, with many opportunities to customize the system to your particular needs, but are also very affordable. They are used in a variety of venues such as conventions, trade shows, sales meetings, grand openings, and school and corporate performances.

modular stage

The benefits of modular stage systems are that they are highly customizable. You can add modules and store them away easily, adding flexible solutions to your staging needs. The system comes in a variety of sizes to accommodate different activities, and you can even purchase prefabricated stages that you can transport and set up at your site on a truck. The portable stages have the same great quality of production as the permanent stages but are much easier to use and transport. They can be set up on any flat surface and are also great for temporary installations and as a work station.

Many modular stage companies offer prefabricated deck sections that can be bolted together and have a steel frame for added strength. These prefabricated deck sections can then be bolted together on the site for easy assembly. These deck sections are a great addition to any event, and are usually designed to be as portable as possible. There are portable staging tents available to house your gear, while you assemble your system. These tents are weather tight and provide shelter from the rain during your event.

Tiered stages are another type of portable stage system that is available from many modular stage companies. A tiered stage consists of a series of platforms that are connected to one another by overhead crane. Each platform is designed for a specific purpose, and the crane ensures that each stage is safely installed and securely tied together. Ties are provided so employees can easily get their belongings up and down the platforms.

These portable stages are designed for simple and large events like weddings or other large gatherings. You can find decks that are rectangular in shape, which provide enough room for your guests to move around. You will also find that there are circular or square decks available, which provide more space for people to move around and set up shop.

There are also several different types of guard rails, you can choose from when making your modular staging selections. Guard rails are typically used for larger events, and they offer a level of safety for your guests and employees that no other type of guard rail option can match. There are guard rail systems available that feature an automatic locking mechanism, as well as ones that use a manual locking mechanism for larger groups. The modular staging industry has certainly come a long way in design and convenience!

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