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Modular Portable Stage Guide for Green Hands

  • Saturday, 01 May 2021
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lightweight modular portable stage

when it comes to building modular portable stage, there is something the green hands need to know about modular stage construction process

There are many steps in modular stage construction. from the preparations before the construction to the final modular portable stage construction, all the steps are interlocked to complete the stage construction. Next, I will introduce you the modular stage construction process.

Preparation before building modular portable stage

First of all, the custom modular portable stage system site must be measure the length, width and height first. not matter it is indoor or outdoor, it is necessary to measure the exact length, width and height.

Secondly, prepare the modular stage panel, normally 4*4 modular portable stage or 8*4 modular portable stage, background board, modular stage stair, carpet, etc. calculate the required 4*4 modular portable stage panel qty, background board size, modular stage stair, carpet number and size according to the measured length, width and height of the entire modular portable stage.

lastly, coordinate with the sound engineer and lighting engineer to set up the lighting and the position of the sound on the modular stage.

Since each stage of the construction is independent, so all the preparations need to be done before the construction of the modular stage.

the complete modular stage work includes:

1 modular stage construction

2. Set up the banner frame and background rental led screens for events

3. Set up headlights, waterproof moving head light, etc.

4. Lay wooden boards and carpets, and then the modular stage is completed.

I hope below introductions will be helpful to installing 4*4 modular portable stage 

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