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LED Wall Rental Cost - The Average Cost of LED Wall Rentals

  • Monday, 03 May 2021
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LED Wall Rental Cost - The Average Cost of LED Wall Rentals

The LED wall rental cost depends upon your needs and the number of walls you intend to illuminate with the projector.led wall rental cost An LED projector uses less energy than a normal light projector and produces a brighter image, which makes it more energy efficient. When deciding to install the projector or buying one, it is important to consider the LED wall rentals cost. A normal video projector costs $1000 or more, while an LED video projector can be as low as $500. If you have several walls that need lighting, then an LED projector may be the better option for you.

An important part of the LED wall rental service is that you will be provided with expert video technicians who will come to your home and install and set up your video projector. Some video technicians are available twenty-four hours a day, six days a week. These individuals will return at designated times, ensuring that your project is completed in a timely fashion. Video technicians have extensive knowledge of all LED video projectors and their installation and can ensure that your project is completed efficiently and without problems.

Depending on the number of lights that you are planning to use with your LED video wall rental service, your technician will be able to recommend the ideal size for your LED wall rental service. Some service providers offer LED wall sizes of ten feet by twelve feet, and other offer smaller sizes, such as six foot by eight feet. This decision to choose an appropriate sized LED wall size will depend upon the type of light projection that you wish to use, the size of your project, and the amount of watts that are required. Typically, large project requires larger sized LED wall lights, so selecting a smaller sized LED wall rental service will save money in the long run.

LED wall rental costs are based upon the size of the lights, the number of walls that need to be lit, and the average number of LED bulbs that are used in an average project. Once the size and number of LED bulbs that are being used are determined, the price of the LED wall lights will generally decrease. The price of LED rentals will also depend upon the time frame in which the lights are needed. For events lasting a few hours, the cost of LED rentals will be lower than the average LED bulb rental due to shorter duration of lighting. Event venues with large multimedia presentations may require up to twenty-four LED bulbs in each wall, and this additional cost will push up the overall LED wall rental costs. In this case, it is best to book your LED lights well in advance of the event to ensure that you receive a reduced rate on your LED wall rental.

Event companies that rent LED walls and LCD video monitors on a monthly basis may receive substantial discounts when it comes to their rates. The event company may have connections that help them obtain special pricing, or they may work with an event lighting expert who can provide discounted rates on their LED wall and LED video walls. Either way, the average person will find that finding the lowest LED wall rental rate is within their budget.

When looking at the overall cost of LED wall and LED video wall rentals, it is important to consider the installation charges. There are companies that do not charge for installation, but there are also those that will come to the location and install the display once it is completed. The fee charged for installation will depend on the complexity of the display and its size, but the average person should expect to pay between one hundred and five hundred dollars for the installation of a simple display or one thousand to ten thousand dollars for a complex display. It is best to contact your event company before arriving at a decision to book your LED wall and LED video walls.

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